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Mathematics 9

Saskatchewan Curriculum - Grade 9 Mathematics

Number (N)
  • N9.1 Demonstrate (concretely, pictorially, and symbolically) understanding of powers with integral bases (excluding base 0) and whole number exponents including:
    • representing using powers
    • evaluating powers
    • powers with an exponent of zero
    • solving situational questions.
[C, CN, PS, R, T]
  • N9.2 Demonstrate understanding of rational numbers including:
    • comparing and ordering
    • relating to other types of numbers
    • solving situational questions.
[C, CN, PS, R, T, V]
  • N9.3 Extend understanding of square roots to include the square root of positive rational numbers.
[CN, ME, R, T, V]
Patterns and Relations (P)
  • P9.1 Demonstrate understanding of linear relations including:
    • graphing
    • analyzing
    • interpolating and extrapolating
    • solving situational questions.
[C, CN, PS, R, T, V]
  • P9.2 Model and solve situational questions using linear equations of the form:
    • ax = b
    • x/a = b, a ≠ 0
    • ax + b = c
    • x/a + b = c, a ≠ 0
    • ax = b + cx
    • a(x + b) = c
    • ax + b = cx + d
    • a(bx + c) = d(ex + f)
    • a/x = b, x ≠ 0
where a, b, c, d, e, and f are rational numbers.
 [C, CN, PS, V]
  • P9.3 Demonstrate understanding of single variable linear inequalities with rational coefficients including:
    • solving inequalities
    • verifying
    • comparing
    • graphing.
[C, CN, PS, R, V]
  • P9.4 Demonstrate understanding of polynomials (limited to polynomials of degree less than or equal to 2) including:
    • modeling
    • generalizing strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
    • analyzing
    • relating to context
    • comparing for equivalency.
[C, CN, R, V]

Shape and Space (SS)
  • SS9.1 Demonstrate understanding of circle properties including:
    • perpendicular line segments from the centre of a circle to a chord bisect the chord
    • inscribed angles subtended by the same arc have the same measure
    • the measure of a central angle is twice the measure of an inscribed angle subtending the same arc
    • tangents to a circle are perpendicular to the radius ending at the point of tangency.
[C, CN, PS, R, T, V]
  • SS9.2 Extend understanding of area to surface area of right rectangular prisms, right cylinders, right triangular prisms, to composite 3-D objects.
[CN, PS, R, V]
  • SS9.3 Demonstrate understanding of similarity of 2-D shapes.
[C, CN, PS, R, V]
  • SS9.4 Demonstrate understanding of line and rotation symmetry.
[C, CN, PS, V]
Statistics and Probability (SP)
  • SP9.1 Demonstrate understanding of the effect of:
    • bias
    • use of language
    • ethics
    • cost
    • time and timing
    • privacy
    • cultural sensitivity and
    • population or sample
on data collection.
[C, PS, R, T]
  • SP9.2 Demonstrate an understanding of the collection, display, and analysis of data through a project.
[C, PS, R, T, V]
  • SP9.3 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of probability in society.
[C, CN, R, T]
  • SP9.4 Research and present how First Nations and Métis peoples, past and present, envision, represent, and make use of probability and statistics.