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Arts Education K

Saskatchewan Curriculum - Kindergarten Arts Education

Kindergarten Complete Faith Permeation Document (PDF) (DOC) (Teachers are strongly encouraged to use this document)

Creative/Productive (CP)

  • CPK.1 Express ideas through exploration of the elements of dance including:
    • action
    • body
    • dynamics
    • relationships
    • space
  • CPK.2 Explore a variety of drama strategies including:
    • role
    • imaging
    • parallel play
    • journeys
    • meetings
  • CPK.3 Create sound compositions exploring the elements of music including:
    • repeating patterns
  • beat (e.g., clapping and stepping, and counting)
    • response to fast/slow paces
    • high/low sounds
    • loud/soft sounds
    • sounds with distinct tone colours/timbres.
Visual Art
  • CPK.4 Create art works that express own observations and ideas about the world.

Critical/Responsive (CR)

All Strands
  • CRK.1 Respond to arts expressions verbally and non-verbally (e.g., through movement or drawing).
Cultural/Historical (CH)

All Strands
  • CHK.1 Investigate arts expressions found in own homes and school community in relation to own lives.
  • CHK.2 Recognize a wide variety of arts expressions as creations of First Nations and Métis peoples.

General Resources

Previous Curriculum

  •  Unit 1: Learning About Motion
  •  Unit 2: Ideas and Inspirations
  •  Unit 3: Making Sense of Things
  •  Unit 4: The World of Dance

  • Unit 1: Learning to Create
  • Unit 2: Ideas and Inspirations
  • Unit 3: Making Sense of Things
  • Unit 4: The World of Drama


Visual Art