March 19, 2011

Students responses to Future Search

Saturday, March 19, 2011

50 students took the time to answer this first part of the future search.

The following is a survey designed to give you an opportunity to let us know what you think education in the future will look like... The educational community is struggling trying to decide what education will look like in the future. There are and will be meetings of education officials looking at the way we educate and looking for answers. I think it is important that we ask students what they think, hence this survey. Please answer the questions as truthfully as possible and maybe your words will help guide the education of the future.

The future of education is the discussion...we are looking for students input...the following video is created to start discussions... it is 11 minutes long...and is a combination of a lot of videos. You will get the idea fairly quickly on what the future search is all about by watching this Future search video..Then we would like to hear what you think...

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