March 13, 2008

World Weather Prediction Blogs

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Click the orange dots to see student weather blogs!

September 25, 2007

Student Weather Forecast Blogs

The students have each created a blog outlining the weather in a particular city around the world.

The students were required to use their Internet searching skills to find the answers to the questions on their blog.

To View the student blogs, click the links below.

Beijing Weather - David

Belgrade Weather - Olena

Brisbane Weather - Nathan

Buenos Aires Weather - Mykaela

Bulawayo Weather - Emily

Dallas Weather- Dylan

Denver Weather - Jarrett

Halifax Weather- Anna

Havana Weather - Jaelynn

Helsinki Weather
- Alexei

Kandahar Weather
 - Paige

L'viv Weather
 - Maya

Los Angeles Weather
- Jaden

Madagascar Weather
 - Logan

Orlando Weather
- Zachary

Reykjavik Weather
 - Marek

Saskatoon Weather
- Savana

Vancouver Weather
- Nicholas

Yellowknife Weather
- Evan