Lesson J

October 2, 2007

Internet Searching

In the computer lab, students went into the Grade 4 Cyber Planet site and worked on lesson 7:  Searching the Internet.  They then proceeded to search for given questions on the internet as a contest.

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Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School
Microsoft Word


Mini Internet Assignment

Type the answers to these questions into a Microsoft word file and save it onto your personal disk. Do you remember how to use more than one program at the same time? You will need to do that for this assignment. If you don't remember, go back to Unit 3, lesson "Saving Files" which will show you how to do it. Use a search engine and "key words" that you think will help you find the answers to the following questions.

It is now time for you to go off on your own and find the answers to these questions:

Good luck!

*Remember to use KEY WORDS when you are searching*

Open Microsoft Word. Type your answers on a new file. Save the file into your FOLDER. Save the file as lesson6.

1.Who is Humphrey Bogart?

2.Who composed the music and who wrote the words to the opera 'Cosi Fan Tutti'?

3.Define Platonic Solid . How many are there? What are their names?

4.What is the most recent movie Roy Rogers has been in?

5.Who wrote the book Angela’s Ashes?