Lesson L

October 6, 2007

Web Weather Forecasting

This lesson is based on the web weather forecasts found at: Weather Bug.

Initially, we wanted to use this site so students could produce their own weather forecast regarding weather from the city they were assigned to in their blogs. We decided  not to post these forecasts to the WeatherBug site and rather post them to our Blog.

We showed students the following example of a weather forecast.

Click below to watch the demo of the web weather forecast.

Students then took time research the weather from their own city and create a short script for their weather forecast.

We video taped the students and then had them add their forecast to their blogs.

To view some student weather forecasts, click here.


Movable type Blog Software
The Weather Network
Weather Underground
Various other weather related web sites.


Students reasearched weather from their assigned city and wrote a short weather forecast script.
This script was then video taped
Students then linked their web forecast to their blog (extending activity)

Please view some of the Student Video Weather Forecasts:

Click Here to view my Video Weather Forecast

Click Here to view my Video Weather Forecast'vivweather/lviv.wmv