Kari Weiman: October 2010 Archives

Math B 90

There will be an opportunity to re-write the Unit 7 exam on Thursday, Ocober 28 at noon in Room 216. Keep in mind that this is a shortened lunch period. Here is the answer key from the Unit 7 Exam.

Unit 7 Exam Answers.pdf

English A 90

Here is the Speaking Package from today's class. You will need to give me your topic by Thursday in Period 1. Show and Tell Speeches will be delivered during Periods 1 and 2 on Friday, October 29.

Speaking Package Semester 1.pdf

Social Studies 90

Here are the notes for this Unit on Ancient Egypt. Please have the "Characteristics of a Culture" chart for Ancient Egypt completed for Tuesday, November 2. Your exam on China and Egypt will be on Friday, November 5. The exam review will be given on Thursday or Friday of this week.

Characteristics of a Culture.pdf



Grade 9 Update

Some important dates to write on your calendar:

  • Friday, October 29 students may dress up in Halloween costumes providing there are no masks and the costumes are appropriate for school.
  • Monday, November 1 is the Grade 9 retreat. We will take attendance in the classromm at 8:35 and then walk across the park to St. Anne's School for the morning. Students will be back at BJM for the lunch break and afternoon classes.
  • Wednesday, November 3 is National Take Our Kids to Work Day. If you have not filled out a permission form for your son or daughter, please do so ASAP.

Math B 90

Here is another practices test for you. Happy studying!

Unit 7 Practice Test #2.pdf

English A 90

We are now at the end of our unit on Indigenous and Norse Narratives. In place of an exam on this unit, you will be doing a final assignment. Please see the attached Tic-Tac-Toe Assignment which is due o n Friday, October 29, 2010.


Take a Student To Work Day

Your Take a Student to Work Day permission forms were due back yesterday. Please get them in ASAP. Also, just a reminder that the interview assignment must be completed either before you go to work or during the time you are at work on November 3. It will need to be handed in to me on Thursday, November 4, 2010.

Schools Win Twice Tickets

Your Schools Win Twice tickets - both sold and unsold- are due back to me by Thursday, October 21, 2010. If you do not return your tickets you will be responsible for paying for them at $10 per ticket book that you signed out.

Math B 90

Your exam for Unit 7 will be on Monday, October 25, 2010. You may bring a pair of scissors with you if you wish to cut out shapes for rotations questions. Please see me before Monday if you are having any difficulty. Here is a practice test. I will try to put up another one before the weekend.

Unit 7 Practice Test.pdf

Math B 90

Your Assessment Focus question #7 must be handed in tomorrow in order to avoid going to Homework Hall.

Social Studies 90

Please have your "Characteristics of a Culture" sheet completed for tomorrow. I will be doing a homework check.

English A 90 - Character Analysis

You will have more time to work on this during class tomorrow. It is due on Thursday, Ocober 21, 2010.

Character Analysis Assignment.doc


English A90 - Expository Paragraph Assignment: Indigenous Proverbs

Grade 9 News

Just a reminder to parents and guariens about a few things:

  • Parent-teacher interviews are next week on Thursday, Oct. 21 and Friday, Oct.22. Times can be booked up until Friday, Oct. 15.
  • "Take a Student to Work Day" forms have been sent home today and are due back by Monday, October 18.
  • "Schools Win Twice" tickets are going home today and need to be returned to the school, sold or unsold, by October 21.
  • The BJM SRG is offering Grade 9 students the opportunity to ride a fan bus to and from the football game on Friday, Ocober 15. The students are askede to sign up by Thursday, October 14 as we will be providing free pizza and bus service to the 5:15pm game. The bus will leave at 4:45pm and return to BJM at approximately 7:30pm. If you have any questions, feel free to call or e-mail me at the school.

Thanks and have a great week!

Math B90

There will be an opportunity to rewrite the Unit 7 Mid Unit Exam on Thursday, October 14  at noon in the Lecture Theatre. This will be your inly opportunity to rewrite the exam.

English A 90- Norse Gods and Goddesses

Make sure to have your FRAME completed for tomorrow's class.

Norse God and Goddess Narratives.doc


English A 90 - Norse Cosmology Assignment

Your Norse cosmology representation is due on Friday, October 15, 2010.

Cosmology Assignment.doc

Cosmology Rubric.doc

Social Studies 90 - China Notes

Here are all of the powerpoint notes on China.


English A 90 - Pattern Poem Assignment

Create a pattern poem for an Indigenous trickster. The good copy of your poem is due on Wednesday, October 6, 2010.

Pattern Poem Assignment.doc

Pattern Poem Rubric.doc

Math B 90 Practice Test #1

Here is a practice test for the Unit 7 Mid-unit Exam on Thursday, October 7, 2010. Please come and see me before Thursday if you are having any difficulty with the practice test.

Unit 7 Mid Unit Practice Test.pdf