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Social Studies 90

Here is the exam review and presentation notes for the Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations. There is also a powerpoint on Aboriginal Spirituality. Your exam on the Mayans, Aztecs and Incans as well as First Nations peoples of North America is on Wdnesday, December 15, 2010.

Exam Review.doc

2010 Presentation notes.doc

Aboriginal Spirituality.ppt 

Social Studies 90

Here are the summary notes that you worked on in groups yesterday. There is also a copy of the Aboriginal spirituality handout in Word form for those of you who could not open the PDF.

Students' Summary Notes on The Potlatch.doc

Math 90 B

Here is the practice test for Unit 9. Please use it to help you study for the exam which is on Tuesday, December 14, 2010.

Unit 9 Practice Test.pdf

Social Studies 90

Here is a Word copy of the Aboriginal Spirituality document that some of you could not open as a PDF. There is also a copy of Chief Seattle's speech excerpt that I read to you in class today.

Chief Seattle.doc

Aboriginal Spirituality.doc

Social Studies 90

Here is the information on Aboriginal spirituality that you must have read for Monday, December 6, 2010.

Aboriginal Spirituality.pdf

Social Studies 90

Here are the handouts that we will be reading in class tomorrow.

Student Handouts.pdf

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