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Commercial Cooking 10

Just a reminder of your exam on Thursday, February 17, 2011. I've attached the review for you to study from.

Chapter 1 Review.doc

English B 90

Just a reminder that your third set of Reader's Response Journals are due on Friday, March 11, 2011. You will have the whole period on Thursday to work on them, so remember to bring your book with you so you can read.

Christian Ethics 90

Your 2 Beatitudes posters are due on Tuesday, March 1, 2011. You will have the whole class period on Friday to work on them. Remember to bring scissors, glue, magazines, markers, pencil crayons or anything else you think you might need.

The Beatitudes Assignment.doc

Christian Ethics 90

Here is the exam review for your exam on Thursday, February 17. Happy studying!

Bible Quiz Review.doc

English B 90

Your Descriptive Paragraph is due on Friday, February 11, 2011. Please remember to hand in the planning sheet and the rubric with a self-assessment done with your good copy. Your Persuasive Paragraph about a common issue between parents and teens is due on Wednesday, February 16, 2011. Please remember to include your 4 framed comic strip at the bottom of the good copy of your paragraph page.

Descriptive Paragraph Assignment.doc

Persuasive Paragraph.doc

Paragraph Rubric.docx

English B90 - RRJ#3

Here is your 3rd set of Reader's Response Journals. Remember to let me know if you are doing all 10 entries on your own books.

Reader Response Journals #3.doc

Reading Response Journals.doc

Readers 1.doc

Reader Response.doc

Reader's Response.doc

Commercial Cooking 10

Here are the notes from the first week of class. The Restaurant Analysis Assignment is included on the last slide of the History of Restaurants power point presentation.

History Restaurants.ppt

The Modern Cooking Brigade.doc

What makes a Good Employee.doc

Restaurant_Analysis Assessment.doc

Commercial Cooking 10- Cafeteria Assignment

Here is the schedule for the cafeteria work experience. Please make arrangements with myself or another student if you are unable to work your shift. Remember, once every student has completed his or her shift, the entire class will receive a spare for one period.

Cafeteria Assignment.doc

February 2011.doc

March 2011.doc

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