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English B 90

You have almost made it! Here is the last installment of your Reader's Response Journals.

You have a lot of time, as it isn't due until Friday, June 3, but don't leave it all until the last minute! Remember to show your parents your report cards tomorrow.

Reader Response #4.doc

Commercial Cooking 10

Great lab today! Here are the recipes for all 5 cakes. Also, I've included the exam review for tomorrow (that you should have already copied down) and the answer key for the study guide. Don't for get about the test tomorrow (Thursday, April 21). Happy studying!

5 cakes.pdf

Ch 3,4& 5 Exam review.doc

Chapter 7 Study Guide.pdf


English B 90

I have entended the deadline for your short story to Friday, April 15.

Short Story about Love.doc

English B 90

Just a few reminders. Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 5, we will be going to the Career Fair at St. Joseph High School during periods 1 and 2. Don't forget to collect some information for your Expository Paragragh due Thursday, April 7.  Also, your Romeo and Juliet Exam is on Wednesday, April 6, the same day that your Movie Review is due.

Career Fair Expository Paragraph.doc

Christian Ethics 90

There will be an opportunity to re-write the Units 1 and 2 Exam on Thursday, April 7 at noon in the Foods Lab. In case some of you have misplaced your sheet on the Beatitudes Explained, it is here for you to study from.


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