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Christian Ethics 10 - Old Exams

Oops! I forgot to add Unit 1 Exam.

Unit 1 Exam.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - Exams

Here are the three exams that you wrote for Miss Casavant, in case you have misplaced them. Use them to help you study, especially the multiple choice questions.

CE 10 Unit 2 Exam 2009.doc

Christian Ethics Unit 3 Exam.docx

Unit 4 Exam.doc

Social Studies 90 - Maps for Final

For those of you who have misplaced your maps from the beginning of the semester, here is the assignment. Remember, you only need to know the maps of Canada and the world for the final.


English A 90 - Figures of Speech

For those of you who have misplaced your sheet, here is another copy.

Figures of Speech.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - Final Exam Review

Here is your final exam review. I have included the rubric for your long answer question. Happy studying!   :)

January 2012 CE10 Review.doc

Long Answer Rubric January 2012.doc

Social Studies 90 - Final Exam

Here is your review for your final exam. I have also included the rubric that I will be using to assess your essay question.

Social Studies 90 Final Exam Review 2010.doc

Social Studies 90 Final Exam Rubric.doc

English A 90 - Final Exam

Here is your review for English 90 A, a list of the literature studied this semester and the two rubrics I will be using for assessment on your final exam. Start studying now! Also, a reminder to have your topic for your "How to . . . " speech by tomorrow, Friday, January 13.

ELA A90 Final Exam Review 2012.doc

LIterature studied this semester- 2012.doc

English A90 Final Exam Rubrics.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - Webquest

Just a reminder that your Martyrdom webquest is due tomorrow, January 6, 2012. You will not be permitted to write the final exam until all of your course work is completed.

Martyrdom Webquest.doc


English A 90 - Researched Report

Just a reminder that you will need to have your introductory paragraph and thesis statement in class tomorrow so that we can go over them together. The good copy of your researched report is due on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2012.

Researched Report.doc

Rubric for researched report.doc


Citing References.doc

Title Page Formatting.doc