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Christian Ethics 10 - Final Exam Review

Here is another copy of your final exam review. I have also included the exams from Units 1-4 in case you have lost them. Happy studying!

January 2013 CE10 Review.doc
unit 1 exam ce10 v.4.doc
2012 Unit 2 Exam.doc
Unit 3 Exam 2012.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - Miracles

For those of you who still need to complete this assignment and have misplaced the original handout, here it is. Remember, after school club starts tomorrow if this is not handed in tomorrow.

What Kind of Miracles Did Jesus Do.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - Unit 4 Exam Review

Here is the exam review for Unit 4. Remember that your exam is on Thursday, December 20, 2012.

Unit 4 Review and Study Guide.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - Unit 3 Exam Review

Here is a copy of your exam review for Unit 3. Your exam is on Thursday, November 28, 2012.

Unit 3 Review and Study Guide 2012.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - Unit 1 Exam Re-write

Just a reminder that you have a one time only opportunity to re-write the Unit 1 exam on Thursday, October 4 at noon in the classroom. I have attached the study guide and review, in case you have misplaced it.

unit 1 review and study guide.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - Daily Life in Jesus' Time Project

Here is a copy of your project and the websites that you might find helpful as you work on it. The project is due on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 and presentations will start on Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

Daily Life in Jesus Time project - v. 2.doc

Websites 2012.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - The Development of the Gospels

Here are the notes from the Power Point today on The Development of the Gospels. You will need this information for the exam.

The Development of the Gospels- Student Notes.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - Unit 1 Exam Review

Here is a copy of your Unit 1 Study Guide. Your exam will be on Tuesday, September 24, 2012. Happy studying!


unit 1 review and study guide.doc

Christian Ethics 10 - Autobiography Assignment

Here is a copy of your Family Roots and Autobiography Assignment. Just a reminder that it  is due on Friday, September 21, 2012. I have also attached the rubric that I will use to assess your assignment.

My Story - Autobiography and Family Roots.doc

My Story - Autobiography and Family Roots - Evaluation.xls

Christian Ethics 10

Here is the course outline for Christian Ethics 10. I have also included the information for your Christian Service Project and your Student-led Prayer assignment. I will add notes, power point presentations, assignments and exam reviews so check back often.

 Course Outline 2012 CE10.doc

Christian Service Project 2012.doc

CE 10 Student Prayer Guideline 2012.doc