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English B 90 - Two Assignments

Here is the rubric for your Persuasive Paragraph asignment that is due on Friday, June 1. Remember that you need to hand in a rough copy, a good copy as well as the rubric with a self-assessment done. I've also added the Canadian-ism assignment that is due on Tuesday, June 5. Don't forget that your last Reader's Response Journal installment is due on Monday, June 4.

Persuasive Paragraph rubric.doc

Canadian-ism Assignment.doc

English B 90 - Survivor/Conqueror Research Poster & Presentation

Here are a few ideas for your poster presentation assignment as well as the rubrics for both the poster and the oral presentation. Remember, even though you are working with a partner, you will each be assessed individually. The posters will be presented on Friday, May 18, 2012.

Survivor Research Poster Examples.doc

Survivor Poster Rubric.doc

Survivor Oral Presntation Rubric.doc

English B 90

Here are the assignment sheets for both the Character Analysis and the Pet Peeve speech. Both are due tomorrow!

Pet Peeve Speech.pdf


 Don't forget that you need one quote from the novel for each body paragraph that gives eveidence to support your analysis of the character you have chosen.