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Home Ec 90

Here is your Recipe Book Assignment. I've also included the assessment sheet so that you don't forget anything. Remember that the rough copy is due on Friday, June 10 and the final copy is due on Friday, June 17.

Home Ec 90

Here are the notes on the recipe as well as the Recipe Format Assignment. The assignment is due on Friday, May 13, 2011.

Recipe Format.doc

Recipe notes.doc


Home Ec 90

Please have your Eating Habit Analysis assignment (2 paragraphs and the chart) completed for Friday, March 18, 2011.

Eating Habit Analysis.pdf


Home Ec 90

Here are the assignments you were given yesterday. The Recipe Format assignment is due on FRIDAY, MARCH 4, the rough copy of your Recipe Book is due on THURSDAY, MARCH 26 and the final Recipe Book is due on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6. Also, your first exam is on THURSDAY, MARCH 3 and the review is attached.

Recipe Format.doc

Recipe Book Assignment 2011.doc

Home Ec Unit 1 Exam Review.doc

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