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Social Studies 90

You will have class time on Wednesday and Thursday to work on your group presentations. Please see the rubrics that are attached for both the assessment of your presentation and your assessment of your group. The presentations will be given on Wednesday, December 1, 2010.


Social Studies 90

Here is the review for the Ancient Greece exam on Friday, November 26, 2010.

Ancient Greece Exam Review.doc

Social Sudies 90

Please have your questions completed for Thursday, November 18. Also, remember to bring any art supplies you will need to work on your "Greek gods in Advertising" assignment tomorrow.

Ancient Greece Questions #2.doc

Social Studies 90

Venn diagram showing the similarities and differences betewwn Athens and Sparta.

Venn-Athens vs Sparta.doc

Social Studies 90

The questions on Ancient Greece are due on Monday, November 15 and I will be doing a homework check. Ancient Greece Questions.doc

Social Studies 90

Make sure to have these questions completed for tomorrow. I will be doing a homework check.

Looking at Illustrations to Find Information.doc

Social 90

Just a reminder that your "Characteristics of s Culture" sheet for Ancient Egypt is due tomorrow and will be taken up in class. Also, start studying for your China/Egypt exam which is on Friday, November 5.

Ancient China and Ancient Egypt Exam Review.doc

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